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Friday, 6 April 2018

#1 Strategy I Used In Growing An Ecommerce Business

Building An Ecommerce Business

Most people bring up ideas of starting an ecommerce business with the vision of selling some cool and amazing products that will enable them work on something they truly desire as an entrepreneur. Even with the early zeal, they end up not making it. Probably because they never took necessary actions or they had little idea on ecommerce.

Every online business can be successfully developed and built with different strategies, so those ecommerce . This business isn't reserved for anybody, don't feel you stand no chance of making it. Maybe you failed in the past, that's no big deal.

I will be sharing the best strategy i have ever used in building an ecommerce (online shopping). Its unique and might sound funny though, but be rest assured that this is the best method you will ever come across. You only need to take a chill pill, read carefully and understand it well.

Have it mind this isn't about creating or how to start ecommerce. I am only sharing a simple strategy on how i successfully boosted an Ecommerce business.

Before we embark on this journey, don't you think you might want to know what really ecommerce is all about?

What Is Ecommerce?
For a simple understanding, Ecommerce (Electronic commerce) typically refers to the buying and selling of goods and services, or transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. Its is also simply referred to, as a platform for online shopping.

Among others, ecommerce is my most preferred online business. Why?
Unlike other internet businesses, Ecommerce growth potentials increases day by day. The world is going digital, internet is taking over everything, everyone is going online. In this computer age, people prefer ordering their needs online, everyone assumes its more easier since you need not leave your home going in search of a particular product whereas you can get it online with its specifications and get it delivered to their door step within few hours.

According to a survey carried out by Comscore, as at 2016, consumers make 51% of there purchases online, up from 48% in 2015 and 47% in 2014. Also in 2017, Comscore also recorded that ecommerce accounted for 17.5 percent of consumers spending.

Shoppers cite numerous reasons for their online shopping preferences, including that it saves them time, makes comparing prices easy, doesn't require fighting through crowded stores and provides a larger variety of items to purchase.

Now you see why i prefer ecommerce to other online businesses? This is one of the greatest investment you can make, because the internet is taking over the world bit by bit and soon everything will be online. well, we hope so.

How do we get started for an ecommerce business

1. Ascertaining the product you want to sell. One reason why many people fail in ecommerce is because they sell products that bigger ecommerce companies also offer for sale.

It will be difficult to outrank these higher companies selling similar goods or services you also sell. Its will be cool if you opt in for products that are yet to be sold online or has little competitors.

There are many unique products you can think of. Here are few suggested product you could start with:

a. Musical Instruments
b. Sport kits
c. cosmetics and artificial hairs

Apart from these, there are also other product you can think of. Never make the mistake of selling similar products with higher companies. You might end up not achieving your aim. You can also decide to sell multiple product, but i suggest you start with a single product.After getting a firm ground in the ecommerce market, then you commence with multiple products.

2. When venturing into an ecommerce funnel, one certain thing you have to posses is an online store. An online store is a website or application which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet. With this online store, you will be able to showcase your products along with specifications and your customers orders and make payment for the desired products.

If you have no idea on web or app development, you could hire a web developer to render the service of developing an online store for you. There are also many online store building websites, but i personally recommend Shopify for you to get started.

With the little knowledge we now have on ecommerce, i guess its high time we continue (Embark on our journey)

Like i earlier said, i won't be discussing how to start an ecommerce business. This is just a simple personal trick i used in boosting an ecommerce online shopping business and gain more customers.

Introducing You To My Ultimate Trick

Its nothing other than SOCIAL MEDIA . Yes, social media. You might be questioning, why always social Media? As long as i'm concerned, social media is the growth foundation of every internet business. Anyone who operates any kind of business-online or offline-cannot ignore social media. Why?

Why social media
Why Always Social Media?

There are 46 billion social media users-that's 1/3 of the Earth's population. (Statista)

92% of companies use social media for hiring new employees. (The Muse)

34% of social media users use social media to find contents. (Global Web Index)

27% of social media users use social media to research and find products.

People are on social media for an average of 135 minutes per day. (Statista)

People love social media. And its actually cool to meet them when they are spending their time online. I use social media to grow my audience and later convert them to customers

So how did i do this?

I started with these few necessary social handles

Facebook (Page)

Note: Use your desired company's or brand name to create the handles, not your actual name.

#Showcasing Your Products

Showcasing your products
Showcasing Your Product

This was the first thing i started with, i got different images from different companies producing the product i wanted to offer for sale online. For instance, i wanted to sell guitars. i searched for new and beautiful guitar images with their specifications and posted them on my social handles. I made requests to my followers on what they feel or think about the new guitar. Sometimes i post two new different guitar images, asking my them to make their comparison and decide the best out of the two. With these, i increased my audience and boosted the relationship between the company and their followers with the likes comments and shares. Never let them know your aim is to begin an online shopping. I made the followers feel it was just a social handle for guitar lovers.

Be consistent.Post every day on Facebook. One daily post will reach followers and keep them engaged.

Post multiple times a day on Twitter. Twitter is a much faster-moving platform. Tweets are fed into the system so quickly that it’s easy for people to miss them. By posting at least three or four times a day, it is possible to reach and connect with more people.

While doing this, i promoted every image i posted on any social handle. In order to reach more people and get more followers.

#Advertising Your Competitors

Advertising Your Competitors

This might sound funny. Yes, it does. At a point i had to follow those companies also selling guitars online especially the high ranking ones . I also went further to advertise the products they have in stock for sale on my social handle. At times, i retweet or repost their updates, mention them in some of my posts and also inform my followers of their upcoming events like their promos or products discounts period.

why do all this? By doing so, you increase your popularity and trust your followers will have for you. Customers will never patronize you if you are not popular and trustworthy. Seeing how you advertise these higher companies will make them believe you have a partnership with them. You see how it works?

#Creating your own promos

Start Your Own promos

Like i said, never let them know you own or about to start an online shopping platform. Now i started something like a contest, where the winners win free guitars and i made the delivery to their doorsteps, took some pictures with them and posted them on the social handle. you mustn't be the one to make the delivery, you should have few agents to do so. By doing these, you are stylishly telling them your aim and also increasing your trust.

Yes, you might be at a loss at this time. But remember every business is about taking risk and then you reap with huge profits.

#Unleashing Your Aim

Its time to convert your audience/followers to your customers. its time to let them no your real aim. Inform them about your online shopping platform, you can decide to pre-inform them on the launching of the website to see their comments. But if you followed the above measure, there will be a good turnout . Start promoting your platform, your products and also keep on promoting these social handles, only through them you can get more customers.

 It took few months to build it, but it didn't take days to start selling off products online after starting it, and that is the sweet thing about it. All you need is hard work and patience.

Also remember to be consistent in updating those social handles. Engage your followers with different activities.
Consistency is how a brand is built. Consistency helps build relationships and reputation.And for the best results, consistency needs to be paired with great content.consistency is the key.

After getting a firm ground in your product line, you will now need to start competing with your competitors and find ways on how to outrank them.In my previous article, i also discussed on some simple strategies to outrank your competitors. As an Entrepreneur, your aim is to reach the peak. And to do that, you must be ready to face unrelenting competitors, who are also working by all means to outrank you. But with hardwork, patience and persistence, you are good to go.


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