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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Business Tips for success - Here are 5 Tips You Always Ignore

Business tips for success

In every business sector, there are two categories of business management you can find; those who are searching for business tips just to sustain, and those who need business tips for success purpose.

It's one thing to start a business, and it's another greater thing to succeed in the business. With the current high competition in the various business sectors – different companies trying to outrank their competitors, it only takes proper knowledge to stand a chance against your unrelenting competitors.

Apart from poor management, another factor that can lead to the downfall or stagnant growth of a business are the competitors, this is a very rare fact.
Your aggressive competitors, by deploying their different strategies, makes it look like you are in the dark and being overshadowed. They make all your day-to-day activities unnoticed because they have diverted the attention of the public towards them by deploying some strategies.

I'm not clearing saying that all your business efforts should be targetted against your competitors, but there are some ideas or tips that you need to know and follow to boost up your business and even unknowingly outrank your competitors.

For the past few years, it has been a very hard deal for entrepreneurs to successfully build a business.
But notwithstanding the complexity of building a business, there are deployable means that could make it a whole lot easier.

For some months now, I have taken time to study some businesses already having their boost in the sector; everything surrounding their success. I have discovered that their successes have been built on some tips that have been ignored by most businesses. These tips are not the ones you put in mind while running your business, you implement them along with your business.

Here are the 5 business tips for success growth.

1. Build Your Brand

Branding has been the soul of every successful business.

Brand building can be expressed as the easiest method of presenting your business, your team and your surveyed audience. Better still, business branding can be referred to as the business "Identity". Only a few will understand that it embodies the core of what the business stands for and its values.

I have heard people complain about how difficult building their brand has been, how trying to build their brand has been like pouring water into a basket.
One fact business owners don't know is this - business branding is not all about diverting all attention toward building your business brand. Branding can be done absentmindedly by just following some brand building strategies.

In my previous article, I discussed on 5 Best Brand Building Strategies For Every Business.

Now let me tell you why it is necessary to build a brand

1. Branding gives you control over price.

2. Branding Attracts New Customers.

3. Branding creates Trust.

4. Branding improves Recognition.

According to Nielson’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, 59% of consumers prefer buying new products from brands familiar to them.

Being one of the best brands can actually boost your business from an infant player to a successful competitor.

2. Survey Your Customers

Any product you make, any service you render is for your customer's satisfaction. You create them to either solve their problems or meet their needs.

Every product or service from your business revolves around your customers and their experiences, and every single day, you should be making significant efforts to serve them a satisfactory experience.

One of the most important phases of your business is your pre-work: scaling your audience to know what they’re most interested in and then running a survey to test demand and ensure you’re serving them with products or services that are relevant and important to them. That will be your guideline to create products that satisfy your audience or customers.

One of the keys to a successful business is making your business End offers to go in line with your customer's satisfaction.

Get feedback from your customers and work on it, even if it entails having a little shift from your business niche, do it. So long they derive their satisfaction, they will keep coming back.

Do not develop the mindset of "build it and they will come". You should know what they want, or better still, you should know if they will find your new products or services interesting. And if they do, that is what you should focus on.

In case you might need to know more about customers survey, I made some research and found an interesting article on HubSpot's blog - How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in 5 Simple Steps.

A customer satisfaction survey can help your business improve it's customer's loyalty.

3. Build An Engaged Social Media Audience

Social media has been the backbone of many successful online and offline businesses. Any business ignoring social media has ignored millions of customers

Let me quickly run you through the reasons why you shouldn't leave social media out of your business

There are 46 billion social media users, that's 1/3 of the Earth's population. (Statista)

34% of social media users use social media to find contents. (Global Web Index)

27% of social media users use social media to research and find products.

People are on social media for an average of 135 minutes per day. (Statista)

These days, people are deeply in love with social media, and one of the coolest things is to quickly grab them when they spend their time online.
Whatever business I want to start, I first grow my audience on social media and later turn them to perfect customers.

It might actually be a little difficult to grow an online audience.
Even your efforts to build a brand on social media might look like you're yelling into the wind. You are engaging your handles with photos and updates every day, trying to interact with others but nothing seems positive - It can really be frustrating.

Its one thing to build a large Audience, and its a different ball game to build an engaged social media audience. I so much appreciate having a social handle with 5000 followers and about 4500 - 4800 will be active, then having up to 50,000 followers with only 100 active followers.

I have made it easy for you, so you can read my article on How To Easily Build An Engaged Social Media Audience.

Believe me, you don't need to ignore social media. Remember everything is going digital.

From the Sales boost to the customers targeting, social media has always been a hit.

4. Partner with bigger brands

Collaboration and necessary partnerships are basics to improve your business.

Apart from the personal need of any partnership, one of the greatest importance of partnering with brands, especially bigger brands, is for the benefit of the trust.
Once you can be trusted by your customers and the public, you have it all. They would be ready to buy any of your new product or services even without knowing much about it. They believe in you, they trust you!

Regardless if your business is a solo venture or a company without sufficient employees, including partnerships in your business growth strategy, is obviously necessary.

Start-ups and small businesses should take note of this; No one will so much emphasize on the importance of partnering with brands.

External business collaboration can be provided as a startup’s connection to an established community by making their product or offerings seem more familiar and less risky. For small businesses and startups, building your brand's trust and affinity is very essential.

Partnering or collaborating with other businesses, especially bigger brands is one the fastest way to grow your brand and give your business a brighter light to the public.

5. Be Unique

Uniqueness is not only one of the keys to a successful business, but also to achieving success in all areas of life.

The most significant strategy to build a reputable and recognized brand is to stand out, be different. Be unique!

The uniqueness of your business is one of the greatest advantages in every competition you come across. Unique businesses begin with a unique business idea.

Uniqueness is the trait that makes your business different from others.  The unique business idea is something that will maximize the potential energy of your business.

One of the companies to use as an example of being unique is APPLE. Apple products are considered to be better designed, more fun and more reliable than products from other companies. This was achieved by being unique. Instead of joining other competitors with the Andriod OS, they developed their personal OS and they are making it big. They stood out!

To become successful, you need to be creative. You must possess the ability to create new things, new strategies, new ideologies out of nothing.

That is the only way to outrank your competitors.

These 5 tips are what we consider as the Business Tips for success growth.

Don't just keep them in mind, make use of them along with your business activities.

One strategy to achieve your goals with these tips is to be consistent.

Be consistent in building your brand.
Be consistent in surveying your customers.
Be consistent in building an engaged social media audience.
Be consistent in partnering with bigger brands.
Be consistent in being uniqueness.

Just be consistent in whatever you do.

With all certainty, you will definitely get that business boost you longed for.


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